We offer premises from 12 m² to 3,000 m² with a whole range of other services on the company’s site

Advantages of the logistical center KAMPOS LOGISTICS


The site is located in the region of Kuřim, in a strategic position on the main stretch from Brno to Svitavy. The proximity of a large city ensures a sufficient capacity of workers and their transportation to the site. Right next to KAMPOS LOGISTICS in a suburban bus stop and directly in Kuřim is a railway station.

Background services

Over the more than 20 years of our operation, we have built several service facilities on the KAMPOS site which many of our tenants and other companies nearby use for their convenience, such as parking, cafeteria, filling station, WI-FI, data connection with optical cable, services of local carriers, load handling equipment, storage space, packaging, and shipping.

In addition to the leasing of premises, we offer:

  • consulting services in fire prevention (PO), work safety (BP), and environmental protection (ŽP)

  • cleaning of premises with industrial vacuum cleaners

  • cleaning services

  • leasing of telephone lines

  • Internet connections

  • canteen services

  • security guard services

  • filling station services

  • rental of pallet carts

  • replacement of LPG cylinders

  • 24/7 access to the site

  • waste disposal, keeping continuous records of annual reports

  • equipment in HP premises

Available premises for lease

Warehouse hall 1,040m²

dimensions 20 m x 52 m

  • modern warehouse space
  • 2 gates, size 4 x 4 m
  • heated
CZK 98 800/mo
(CZK 95/m² )
Warehouse space 1,770m²

dimensions 90 m x 20 m

  • hall height under the girders 5.5m
  • direct drive-in for trucks
  • gates: width 3.6m, height 4m
  • heated
  • only 800 m2 still available for leasing  
CZK 65 600/mo
(CZK 82/m² )
Warehouse space 240m²

dimensions 24 m x 10 m

• 2 gates 4 x 4 m

• heated

CZK 18 240/mo
(CZK 76/m² )
Warehouse hall 1,540m²

dimensions 77 m x 20 m

  • hall height under the girders 5.5m
  • direct drive-in for trucks
  • gates: width 4 m, height 4m
CZK 126 280/mo
(CZK 82/m² )

Did you not find space tailored to your business?
Let us try to come up with a solution for you.

Types of premises we lease out

Outdoor storage areas

from 12 m² up

Storage sheds

from 50 m² to 500 m²

Warehouse halls

(heated, tempered or unheated) from 50 m² to 2,700 m²

Separate offices

from 12 m² to 30 m²

Built-in offices

directly into warehouse space

Container units

usable as an office, production or technological unit, or restroom

Are you interested in a tour or have additional questions?

Leasing of warehouse space and offices on the site of KAMPOS LOGISTICS is handled by

Roman Závodník

the project manager of the Logistical Center

+420 602 973 213