We make classical, non-standard and optical cables and multicore cables (bundled)

Why get cable bundles made in KAMPOS

Prototype and small series production

We cooperate with companies that need merely small volumes of cable for the development of their products. It is not a problem for us to manufacture single pieces.

Cables to measure

We make cables for electron microscopes, generators, and coffee machines. Customized production is what we enjoy in our work with cables.

Precision of work and feedback control

Car manufacturers as well as scientists rely on our products. Therefore, we cannot afford to make mistakes. The manufactured cables are inspected by meticulous operators and automatic control stations.

We have experience in the production of cables and cable bundles (multicore cables) for

  • manufacturers of machines and equipment (forklifts, boiler regulation, wagon doors, air conditioning

  • telecommunication and data networks

  • manufacturers of appliances (washers, dryers, textile machines, electrical home appliances)

  • manufacture of transport vehicles (personal cars, trucks, trains wagons, etc.)

In addition to cables, we also offer

  • cutting and stripping conductor ends with diameters of 0.05–6 mm2, cutting of conduction to lengths of 1–200,000 mm, insulation stripping 1st side 0-99.9 mm and 2nd side 0–40 mm, flat cables up to width of 12 mm and minimum length of 50 mm

  • providing conductors with a wide range of contacts, cable loops, and terminals, including various surface plating

  • assembly of connectors and fuse boxes, as required

  • assembly of simple cable bundles for the consumer industry and telecommunications

  • assembly of cables for the automotive industry

  • assembly of plastic connectors for use in cable systems for the automotive and electro-technical industry

Are you interested in our cable bundles?

Production capacity and delivery schedules are handled by

Eliška Sehnalová

Production Manager
+420 777 875 849